We combine technological and social development with our electoral expertise in technical strategy and best industrial use of academic research to deliver vendor agnostic consulting solutions that are technically and socially sustainable.
To be able to provide to customers with the best strategic options and intelligence during our consulting engagements, we have secured a high degree of differentiation within the industry that has near unbeatable combined industry experience and expertise in Election Software, Usability, Cryptography, Security, Project Management, Election Operation, Legally Binding Requirements, Technical Management, and Implementation. These capabilities together provide an integrated approach covering all aspects of strategy, processes, and technology integration of electoral projects.

Our core team and cooperation professionals have experience with audits of national security agencies, independent organizations and by academic experts in the field of election administration that have consistently found the security and technology that they have been part of, to be reliable and compliant with the highest security standards currently established at the time.

Members of the team have been both on the provider and customer side of elections and are currently un-affiliated to any vendor.

We understand the importance of neutrality and the highest degree of discretion are essential. Our customers can rely on us. Furthermore, we understand the importance of local capability in elections, therefore, our multilingual capabilities can provide full end to end communication to understand the most important details, and by all means, understand our customers.