Independent, International, Public Sector consultancy for electoral modernization. We combine election transformation and delivery experience acquired in hundreds of projects and millions of votes worldwide over the last ten years, with the latest research, and technologies to innovate democracy. Supported by a unique world-class team of experts and academics to streamline global experience into local performance.

Our knowledge domain evolves around technical strategy, best industrial use of academic knowledge, design and implementation of election modernization projects, delivery and operations, communication strategy and executive management of large political binding elections, laws and policies governing electoral process; with more than thirty years of experience distributed among the core team members acquired in projects of several continents.

Our differentiation with any other company in the world resides in our collective experience being able to embrace all disciplines of the project with a deep capability of analysis combined with real world experience, while being vendor agnostic. Furthermore, with regards to online voting systems, our experience, and capabilities to source any skill needed, can be considered as a knowledge benchmark worldwide.

Our team, partners and collaborators are some of the most influential people in digital government worldwide.  

Researchers, Academics and Authors of books on electronic voting, electronic governance, and scientific articles.

A close network with the most important cryptographers and researchers worldwide, accompanied with our capability integrating technologies and software to design fully integrated systems.

Experienced professionals with instrumental know how designing, producing, and implementing the first end to end universally verifiable internet voting system of legislative elections in the world and derivative voting systems implemented in other countries after wards. Furthermore, with experience producing other election modernization solutions within the entire value chain embracing processes before, during and after the election day.

Experienced professionals with real life election project experience of large and complex elections, nationwide roll out, millions of votes cast and mission critical voting systems.

Former government collaborators holding positions in high senior civil service (Ministries, European Parliament, etc.) with experience in the definition and implementation of public policy strategies and negotiation of agreements on behalf of the European Union.

A highly educated team of professionals with a strong international background relevant to elections, advanced university degrees, and specialization in the required fields; accompanied with multilingual capabilities to provide full end to end communication with our customers.

Finally, a genuine care for our customers’ issues, our unique capabilities, the flexibility to work with us and our discretion, makes us the preferred partner for any government that requires a trustful provider to reach their goals.